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Greece’s current Market Cap/GDP Ratio of 24% is 33.8% below its median of 36.3%. Greece and Russia are the only two nations tracked by NIA that currently have Market Cap/GDP Ratios that are below their 1991-2015 median Market Cap/GDP Ratios.Receive NIA's Exclusive Daily Newsletter to Learn the Latest Economic Facts and Truth Not Covered by the Mainstream Media!NIA's President Gerard Adams was Named by Magic Johnson in 2016 as one of America's Top 32 Entrepreneurs Under 32!

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Both Japan and South Africa finished the month of February with new record high Market/Cap GDP Ratios of 115.8% and 319.2%, respectively.

Greece only has enough cash to cover three more months of its deficit spending – and has no chance of ever repaying its debt.

Greece over the past decade has averaged an annual government budget deficit of -9.24% of GDP vs. Russia has already experienced the worst of its financial crisis, but America’s largest financial crisis in history is still ahead.

The 5 countries with the lowest current Market/Cap GDP Ratios are Greece: 24%, Russia: 40.5%, New Zealand: 42.6%, Mexico: 43.7%, and Brazil: 46.3%.

Market Cap/GDP Ratio of 155.2% is 34.4% above its 1991-2015 median of 115.5%.

The last time it rose above 4.50 was back in late-2000/early-2001, when it peaked at 4.91 before declining to a record low in April 2006 of 1.37.