Dating someone with childhood trauma

09-Jul-2018 02:26

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Dave’s friendly and kind but very knowledgeable approach put us at ease right from the start.Everything he said made sense and it was a revelation to my hubby that men and women did actually think and communicate in different ways.By combining advertising expertise with a deep understanding of human behavior, the book offers an in-depth – and effective – view of the art and science of mastering influence when it comes to connecting online.When you combine Dave’s personal experience with his raw creativity, exceptional training and passion to serve, your relationship can only benefit.Whether he’s creating products, blogging for a variety of popular relationship websites or sharing his expertise on TV, radio or live on stage, Dave has one goal – transforming human relationships into something magical.

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There was never any doubt how much these two loved one another.Once the trust had been damaged, it was going to take a concerted effort to get it back. A Surprising Revelation As I went through the husband’s Hierarchy with him, I discovered that his preference was Unselfish Service first, Kind Words second and Human Touch third.