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" Number Two yelled."Yeah, but you decided to eat the dang thing! Number Two spotted Number Five lying on their couch, "Oh hey, Number Five. ""Pretty alright, Numbah Two." She said."Yeah, yeah have you seen Numbah One? She sighed, "Should be in his room.""I've already told you, Number 86. My schedule has been booked this whole month.""Are ya kidding! You should've talked it out with her and maybe your relationship could've been what you've always wanted."He sighed, "But Number Five, you don't understand! You're definitely too happy to be yourself again.""Number Five, please," he said assertively. " She yelled as he left, "Just like other girls' hearts you've broken because you can't seem to notice or understand, you big bozo," She muttered as she plopped on their couch as she continued to relax on their break. C'mon, we should talk about what's up." She took a leap on the couch and patted the seat next to her."I . ""Plenty of times."She shook her hand in the air, "No, I mean fully discussed this together."He frowned and the wrinkle formed on his forehead again, "No."She went closer to him and comforted him as she pat his back, "Numbah One, you have to think before you act on these kinds of things. " He exploded as he jumped from the seat."Whoa, whoa, whoa, Numbah One, calm down. ." Number Three was swishing from side to side and fiddling with her rainbow monkey. ""Yeah right, you were the one who wanted to go to the mall! No, that's," he tried to stop her before she drank from the other straw. She gave a great sigh as her mouth was quenched from the smoothie, "Mint is my favorite, but vanilla makes my tummy feel yummy too.

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"He breathed out as a wrinkle creased on his big forehead, "You're always chirpy, always yapping and yelling and you always make a scene, I mean look! I thought that was everything you liked about me, Nigie.""Well .

Ya don't know how long I," She held her breath then groaned in frustration and the communicator blinked that Number 86 has ended the call. "I spoke too soon." He stood to oped the door for them."Number One, we're back from the mall!

He sighs, "What could be so important if there aren't any adults messing around? " Number Three skipped to a bean bag as Number Two and Number Four squished together in the doorway."That's nice; I was just at a diner.

Spring's heat is starting to kick in so I'm thinkin' he's right about giving Kids Next Door a break right now. " Number Five entered with a platter of nachos."Oh, a break?

No big stuff going on and Numbah Two said that it's a great time to go out for a break. ""They headed to the mall and decided to do their own things.""What about you? I felt this rush of relief run through me when I walked out the door. "I am begging you."She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms as she balled her fists, "Fine," She complied and he began to walk away as he cheered as he felt freedom.

" Number Three called."Hey, we got you a corn dog, Number One! uh well," Number Four began to turn and ruffle the edges of the sleeves of his jacket."Uh .