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North Korea is so reclusive even the age of its supreme leader remains something of a mystery.

According to some reports, Kim was born on January 8, 1982.

Others seem to believe he was born on the same date in 1983, while the U. government officially lists Kim's birthday as January 8, 1984.

2 Chollima speed: Chollima was an ancient mythical steed, the "thousand-ri horse" who could rapidly cover great distances.

Begun in 1956, the Chollima Movement -- "Chollima speed"-- became a byword for achieving the fastest possible construction and economic production.

Blue stripes indicate sovereignty and peace; red stands for the revolution and struggle for the establishment of socialism; white -- a traditional Korean symbolic color -- stands for purity and dignity of the nation and its ideals.

The star symbolizes the Korean Worker's Party and the building of socialism.

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Soviet records show Kim Jong Il was actually born in 1941, but his official birth date was changed by the North Korean state for symbolic reasons, so it would fall 30 years after the birth of his father in 1912.

The North Korean leader recently referred to President Donald Trump as a "dotard," which is an insulting term for an old, senile person.