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A single woman herself, Zhuravleva says she “never had any interest in marrying a drunk, to later suffer the pain of divorce and splitting [of] real estate.”Her stance reflects the fact that Russian culture has yet to catch up with women’s lib—a point that frustrates the country’s younger women in particular.

Despite the overwhelming surplus of women in Russia, only 3 percent of the country’s senior executives are female and a scant 6 percent of politicians are women.

At Start Up Women, a recent conference held in Moscow, hundreds of glamorous female entrepreneurs discussed how to take over consumer markets through online social networks.

Most of these women admitted to being disillusioned by the way their career paths were blocked by male colleagues.

She lives in a cozy, artwork-filled abode on the pedestrian Old Arbat street, famous for housing the most expensive boutiques in town.

She is independent and ambitious—at 17, she left home from a provincial city in Belarus to study psychology at Moscow State University. And yet, like so many Russian women, Shpakova has lost hope of finding a suitable mate among her fellow countrymen.

While Popova is a single woman working to change the system from within, other young women remain distrustful of Russia’s political and legal systems, which are run by and for men.When she lost, she then joined the opposition rallies in Moscow.