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The research employs a grounded theory methodology, using narrative analysis grids to code for dialogic and performative themes that consistently emerge in survivor narratives.Research findings suggest that survivors’ needs may be best met through innovative community-based programming that deinstitutionalizes entry and exit points into support systems.The article explores how the three instrumentations of disorder, evasion, and subterfuge are used by survivors as forms of veiled resistance, as well as locations that exhibit their agency.Featuring stories from a series of in-depth interviews, the article uses critical theory to examine the specific mechanisms survivors’ use to defy violent power relations.Gender and race gaps in STEM employment for recent cohorts of engineering graduates are generally small, though younger Asian women and men no longer have an employment advantage relative to white men.Our results suggest that a one-size-fits-all approach to increasing women’s representation in the most male-dominated STEM fields may not work.We examine whether closely following media coverage of the fatal encounter of George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin moderates racial and ethnic differences in opinion surrounding the event and the U. Does media exposure to salient criminological events exacerbate racialized perceptions of injustice? Our analysis addresses several key aspects of the case: Whether Zimmerman would have been arrested sooner if Martin had been white, whether respondents felt Zimmerman’s acquittal was justified, and whether there is racial bias against African Americans in the criminal justice system.

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Does media exposure to salient criminological events exacerbate racialized perceptions of injustice?The analysis supports the continuing relevance of the mass media in attitude formation.Full article People who have experienced eating disorders are making sense of and managing their own health and recoveries, in part by engaging with digital technologies.Controlling for demographic and family characteristics did little to change this gender gap.

Women with degrees in engineering are approximately 8 percentage points less likely to work in STEM than men, although about half of this gap is explained by observed differences between men and women.Vic Health (Australia) has noted that one of the underlying and contributing factors towards violence against women is their environment, citing ‘faith-based institutions’ such as churches as one such environment for Violence in relationships is a common experience for a significant number of women.