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One of the more common rites of passage involving shoes, is a young girl's symbolic transformation to womanhood through her first pair of high heeled shoes.

The poignancy and meaning attached to this purchase is evident in reports such as this one: I was in 6th grade when I decided I was ready to venture into the world of womanhood; I needed to bless my virgin feet with their first pair of high heels. I even charged one of my father's houseguests rent for staying in my room.

The depth interviews and shoe autobiographies conducted in 2000 support these findings, but only after excluding two women who paid more than 00 for their most expensive shoes or boots. * Some of my footwear has sentimental meaning for me.

Interviews and autobiographies also revealed that while no male reported owning more than 30 pairs of footwear, several women had over 100 pairs and a dozen owned between 50 and 70 pairs. * There is at least one pair of my footwear that I will probably keep forever.

For adolescents, shoes are a key signifier of their identities, and the shoes they desire often conflict what their parents regard as appropriate.

How lovely are thy feet with shoes, oh prince's daughter (Song of Solomon 7:1) Shoes are totems of Disembodied Lust.Americans buy approximately a billion pairs of footwear a year and 80 percent of these are estimated to be purchased for purposes of sexual attraction (Rossi 1993).

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