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12-Feb-2018 00:10

The system administrator account installed with Microsoft SQL Server.

This system administrator account has the username "sa".

A storage network that consists of two tiers: The first tier — the storage plumbing tier — provides connectivity between nodes in a network and transports device-oriented commands and status.

The second tier — the software tier — uses software to provide value-added services that operate over the first tier.

The person who controls and manages a computer system. In OSI, a person who controls how the open system resources of a system or enterprise are used.

Lightweight set of extensions to existing markup languages, in particular HTML and XHTML that enable multimodal and telephony access to information, applications and Web services from PCs, telephones, tablet PCs and wireless personal digital assistants An integral subsystem that maintains a database of information about user accounts, including passwords, any account groups a given user belongs to, the access rights each user is allowed, and any special privileges a given user has.

It includes strategies that identify and eliminate unused or infrequently used software, consolidating software licenses or moving toward new licensing models An XML-based mechanism that enables disparate entities to exchange identity-related security information.

This information is presented as assertions about authentication, authorization or various attributes of the identity in question.

Cisco unified communications appliance that provides voice and data communications, voicemail, automated attendant, video, security, and wireless capabilities while integrating with existing desktop applications Realtime database of IP addresses of verified spam sources and spam operations, maintained by the Spamhaus Project team and supplied as a free service to help email administrators better manage incoming email streams.The default sequence is CTRL ALT DEL A replacement for the Parallel SCSI physical storage interface.

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