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This project and the American city of Rome were honored by Italy in 1929, when its dictator Benito Mussolini sent a replica of the statue of Romulus and Remus nursing from a mother wolf, a symbol of the founding myth of the original Rome.Residents frequently reference the unofficial mottos of the town, "There's no place like Rome" and "Rome is Home" and also "Home sweet Rome." Rome is located at the confluence of the Etowah and the Oostanaula rivers, whose merging forms the Coosa River.It developed in the antebellum period as a market and trading city due to its advantageous location on the rivers, by which it sent the rich regional cotton commodity crop downriver to markets on the Gulf Coast and export overseas.It is the second largest city, after Gadsden, Alabama, near the center of the triangular area defined by the Interstate highways between Atlanta, Birmingham and Chattanooga.As cotton plantations were developed in the area, Rome was an increasingly important market town, shipping the commodity downriver to other markets.People of the Mississippian culture are known to have inhabited the area from about 1000 CE.In 1560, Tristán de Luna sent a detachment of 140 soldiers and two Dominican friars north along de Soto's route.They established relations with the Coosa chiefdom, as they recorded assisting the Coosa in a raid against the rebellious province of Napochín, in what is now known as Tennessee.

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A Cherokee village named Chatuga was settled in this area during the late eighteenth century, in the period of the Cherokee–American wars (1776–94) during and after the American Revolutionary War.

In the 20th century, Ridge's home here was preserved as Chieftains House.

It has been adapted by the state for use as the Chieftains Museum and is used to represent the history of the Cherokee in this area, especially Major Ridge.

Rome is the largest city in and the county seat of Floyd County, Georgia, United States.

Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, it is the principal city of the Rome, Georgia, Metropolitan Statistical Area, which encompasses all of Floyd County.This gave it access to the waterways, the major transportation routes of the era.