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In 1981, shortly after graduation, Aquino joined his family in the United States.In 1983, after three years in exile in the United States, Aquino's family returned to the Philippines, shortly after the assassination of his father on August 21, 1983.From 1993 to 1998, he worked for Central Azucarera de Tarlac, the sugar refinery in the Cojuangco-owned Hacienda Luisita.He was employed as the executive assistant for administration from 1993 to 1996 and subsequently worked as manager for field services from 1996 to 1998.There is no greater nation on earth than our Motherland. Serve them with all your heart, with all your might and with all your strength.Son, the ball is now in your hands." In 1980, after a series of heart attacks, Aquino's father was allowed to seek medical treatment in the United States, where Aquino's family began a period of self-exile.

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In September 1972, Aquino's father, who was then a senator and prominent opposition leader to President Ferdinand Marcos, was arrested for subversion.Aquino filed this bill so the president would have to pass through Congress every time the president decides to impound part of the budget.