Updating sas license

05-Jun-2018 03:19

The purchasing agent is responsible to provide the license file or serial number information to the end user.The end user can then purchase the install files free on our web store.If you are going to do work for the administration of the university that requires SAS, you will need an Administrative license under a separate license agreement.If you are interested in this option, please email [email protected] instructions and a custom quote. This software can only be used for teaching and non-commercial academic research purposes.If you have additional software related questions, please email your questions to [email protected] an explanation of terminology used throughout the OSL website, please visit our Glossary of Terms.If a customer purchases the free install files, they are not able to install the product unless they have a license file.

And I like to deliver results and reports, but often my constituents ask for it as a spreadsheet that they can then manipulate further.To enhance your technical skills on software products available on the OSL web store and through UIT, please visit Online Learning Opportunities.